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december 14th ??

My intro:

Ok well my name is taylor and Im 13 years old.
Im scared and really need some help but I dont know where to turn.

Well see last year we had this lady come in and talk to us about suicide and depression and I got really worried because I was experiencing some of the same symptoms. Lately Ive gotten more.
-Im always angry and easily irratated.
-Im having sleeping problem
-I go long periods of time without eating.. and sometimes when I do eat I reguritate it back
-I used to love reading and basketball and lately I hate it
-I have self hate ( recovering cutter)
-My freinds always tell me to stop saying srry because I apologize for everything
-I blame other ppls problems on myself

and I m so scared because if I do have depression then I am in trouble because I could never tell my parents that Im a (failing)recovering cutter, sumtimes I dont eat and I think Im depressed
I cant just walk up 2 my father and say oh dad hi I think I m depressed. He will just laugh and say o alright. Plus I dont want anyone to get upset with me and not want 2 b my freind or think IM weird

PLEASE PLEASE help me. I want 2 do sumthing before I lose everyone close to me! 
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